We have amazing sponsors, and absolutely could not make ScrapFest happen without them. Allow us to introduce you to them!


Give it up for The Rathbun Agency! We are so excited to work with them, and have always valued how much they bring to the Lansing community. Here’s what they have to say:


The Rathbun Agency has been providing Business and Personal Insurance to the Lansing area and beyond since 1956. We are proud to partner with Scrapfest to showcase local creative talent and highlight the unique sense of community that embodies Lansing.



Give it up for Auto-Owners Insurance! We’re so grateful to work with them. Did you know that their headquarters is right here in Lansing, MI? They do a ton of work in the community, and work together with amazing agents like Rathbun Agency to constantly give back to the community. Many thanks to them!



And of course, give it up for Friedland Industries, Inc.! Friedland provides everything from the metal used in the ScrapFest competition, to warehouse space for the sculptures before the festival, to the labor and heavy machinery needed to move all of these sculptures around. Without Friedland, there wouldn’t be a ScrapFest. They constantly give back to the Lansing community through charitable donations and hosting community events, and we appreciate them tremendously!



Give it up for MessageMakers! They are giving us a gracious discount on the sound system and stage during the festival, and we appreciate it a ton!



Give it up for Render Studios! Render has provided video for ScrapFest since its inception, and gave us a great discount on our promo video this year. Their work is stellar and we greatly appreciate working with them!