Application Process

Scrap Art Teams and Artist Booths must apply online using the links below.

Scrap Art Team Applications are due at 11:59PM on May 7, 2018.  Booth Applications are due by 11:59PM on June 8, 2018 or until filled (notifications of acceptance will be emailed on a rolling basis).
For Scrap Art Teams: After filling out the application, be sure to check out using the shopping cart so that your form is submitted and application fee  of $25 is collected.  Application fees are non-refundable.
For Artist Booth Vendors: Vendor fees will be invoiced on acceptance and are required to be paid before set-up. The fee is $75.
Questions?  Email us at  

rules, guidelines, and additional information

Artist Teams

Up to 20 teams may be chosen to participate in the 2018 Old Town ScrapFest.  A "team" consists of 1 to 5 members but teams may have anyone help with their sculpture during build-time.  Each team must appoint one team leader who will act as the team's main contact.

Material Collection
June 2, 2018
Check-In - 9:30am
Collection - 10am-11am

Each Team will select 2 members to collect scrap material.  Teams will have one hour to collect up to, but no more than 500 lbs. of scrap material.  A variety of material types (mostly metals) will be available.  All collectors will enter the scrap yard at the same time and are required to use the transportation bins provided by Friedland Industries.  Teams may not climb on the scrap in order to reach materials, or enter the scrap yard before the official start date and time.  Friedland employees will be available to assist in the yard.  Closed toe shoes and long pants are required.  Gloves and eye-wear will be provided as personal protective equipment.

Materials Used / Finishes

Sculptures must be built entirely from the materials collected at Friedland, with the exception of materials used for assembly.  Finished pieces must be structurally sound.  Assembly methods may include, but are not limited to welding, brazing, forging, or bolting.  Unless collected on ScrapFest collection day, bolts or other mechanical fasteners will only be allowed to ensure structural stability.  Have any questions?  Call David Such (517-484-0800).

Surface treatments such as paint, stain, polishes do not have to be from scrap, and are left to the artistic vision of the team.

Size and Weight

Finished Sculptures must not exceed 6' deep and 500 lbs. in weight.  Finished pieces must be able to be safely displayed in outdoor venues.  Once the scrap is collected, the scrap and resulting pieces become property of the Old Town Commercial Association.  Any piece that is deemed unstable and/or unsafe may be disqualified.

Judging Criteria

  1. How well does this piece fulfill the expressed artist statement?
  2. Unique interpretation of materials?
  3. Do the proportions and design element create an appealing and balanced aesthetic?


Each Team will be given 50% of the auction sale of their piece.  Cash prizes and trophies are awarded for First, Second, and Third places.  A People's Choice award trophy will be presented with no cash prize.

First Prize         $2000
Second Prize   $1000
Third Prize       $500

Disqualification from judging

Teams will be disqualified from judging if their piece breaks, exceeds size dimensions or weight limit, is made from materials outside of scrap, or is turned in late or without a team statement.  ScrapFest reserves the right to refuse any sculpture it deems unacceptable or not in good taste. 


Artisan Booth information

Artisan booths are available to craft-persons and artisans who produce their own hand-made items. The cost is $75 for a 10' x 10' booth.  Vendors may share a booth for $37.50 each (ScrapFest will not match vendors and vendors must both apply and be accepted together).  The booths will be at Old Town ScrapFest.

Booths will be open On Friday, July 13 from 6-10PM, and on Saturday July 14, from Noon-10PM.

Set up will be on Friday, July 13 from 2-4PM and all vendors are welcome to attend the 3PM event kick-off reception at Ozone Brewery.

Booth Eligibility

• Upcycled Art: Art must be created from a minimum of 50% repurposed materials.

• Sustainable Business: Products are made using eco-ethics and sustainable practices.

BOOTH Application deadline

Applications will be accepted until June 8, 2018 or until filled.  Notifications will be emailed on a rolling basis.