Volunteer at ScrapFest 2017!

So why volunteer for ScrapFest?

We get it. And we've been there.

We live in a busy world full of distractions, and you probably have commitments up to your eyeballs, pulling you in every direction.

So why volunteer for ScrapFest???

Because ScrapFest is different from anything you've experienced!

It's already one of Lansing's most unique art festivals, and it keeps growing every year. You may have come to see the sculptures before, but now's your chance to see the inner workings. (And you get a free t-shirt! Holla!)

We need people to help move sculptures if necessary, as well as people to help set up, tear down, and participate at the info booth.

Join us!


If you volunteer, you'll likely come across a bunch of friendly Old Townies encouraging you to come to Old Town more often. Before you know it, you'll be sitting on committees, serving on the Old Town Commercial Association board, or even MOVING here!

So volunteer...if you dare...muahahahah

Just kidding, it's freakin' awesome, you'll love it. :-)